Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Testing 1,2,3 ... Let's Push Things Forward. v.01

Guerrilla - In short, the word means "UNCONVENTIONAL", Maverick, radical, revolutionary ( by design).   The concept of outside of the box thinking and doing things that others wouldn't dare do ( and may have warned you not to).  We're not special, we're just willing to invest a bit more energy and take a few more risks.  We don't mind rolling up our sleeves and getting dirty. It's a part of our investment in our School, our education, our future.

The Firm : Part Student based retail business, Part hub of career and social networking,  and who knows, maybe a national organization of young entrepreneurs and positive social activist from community colleges nationwide.  When was the last time there was an organized counter culture revolution at a community college anyway?

I mean, we love you Northeastern, BU, Babson, Simmons, Bentley, Harvard, Tufts, and the rest, but we can't let you have all the "Start Up" fun! We also need to hone our craft so we can be in the mix when we're sitting next to you after we graduate.  So we might as well reach out to you now, while we're improving our skill set.

In a future post we'll share the back story.  This is a soft launch of our public forum to share this little concept that we came up with called The Firm- a.k.a The Bunker Hill Community College Entrepreneurship Club.

There's lots more to share, and plenty more for us to learn. but we're excited to start. so Join us, and Let's Push Things Forward.